5/15/17 Stop Motion Animation Heroic journey

Call to adventure:  My call to adventure was when Mr. Aringo assigned the stop motion.
Assistance: Caitlin, Evelyn, Taylor, Mr.Aringo
Departure: When started when we finished our 24 shots video.
Trials: Challenges were getting everything on time. We were constantly missing some props or supplies. Sometimes some of our group memebers aren't always on track.
Approach: I would try to recover the lost items and I would get some group members to help me.
Crisis: Our crisis was when we couldn't think of anything to continue the animation.
Treasure: We used the internet to help us find more examples and ideas.
Return: We are returning to the ordinary world by finishing the stop motion. I learned that it takes a lot patience for stop motions.
New life: I will feel acomolished after the experience.
Resolution: I will share the gift of the experience through these blogs. I would change the due date to a later date.
Your new adventure: I wouldn't change anything because the process of learning is already effective .


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