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5/15/17 Stop Motion Animation Heroic journey

Call to adventure:  My call to adventure was when Mr. Aringo assigned the stop motion.
Assistance: Caitlin, Evelyn, Taylor, Mr.Aringo
Departure: When started when we finished our 24 shots video.
Trials: Challenges were getting everything on time. We were constantly missing some props or supplies. Sometimes some of our group memebers aren't always on track.
Approach: I would try to recover the lost items and I would get some group members to help me.
Crisis: Our crisis was when we couldn't think of anything to continue the animation.
Treasure: We used the internet to help us find more examples and ideas.
Return: We are returning to the ordinary world by finishing the stop motion. I learned that it takes a lot patience for stop motions.
New life: I will feel acomolished after the experience.
Resolution: I will share the gift of the experience through these blogs. I would change the due date to a later date.
Your new adventure: I wouldn't change anything because the process o…

5/15/17 Weekly Reflection

This week, we are at 2 minutes. We have more ideas but we need more. There is not enough time for us to finish. We also need sound effects too.  We need at least 40 more seconds. It's ok to have 20 seconds less. But if it's late it might have points taken off of our grade.

5/12/17 Weekly Reflection

This week, we are at about 1 minute and 30 seconds. We also need to do sound effects. The stop motion is due next Wednesday. We need ideas for the stop motion. It's frustrating because stop motions take a while. We also have trouble thinking of ideas. We also haven't started the sound effects.

5/5/17 Weekly Reflection

This week we are still doing our animation and we are one at one minute. We need three minutes so we are thinking more situations to happen to one of the characters . Our original plot wasn't long enough for the stop motion. We need to draw more props and it takes a while. We need more time to finish our animation. But we will have to finish soon.