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Weekly Reflection 4/14

This week we are prepping for filming. We need more props but finished the backgrounds. We decided to make our characters out of wires. We would turn the wires into people by gluing printouts of ourselves.

Weekly Reflection 4/21/17

This week we are filming our stop motion. We have our wire people,backgrounds,and props. We are at 32 seconds. I still need to draw some props. Setting up takes forever and we can't leave everything in the same place because other periods will take our stuff.

Weekly Reflection 4/7/17

This week we are doing our Filmfest. We are making our props. We finished most of our backgrounds but we still need to make some more props. Evelyn made the wire people. Caitlin is printing out and drawing pictures. Taylor is helping Evelyn. Evelyn and I are thr main characters of the story.