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3/21/17 Heroic Journey

Call to adventure: Mr.Aringo said we are doing a play. Assistance: My parents,Mr.Aringo, Ruby, and Evelyn all assisted me with the play. Departure: When we started tech rehearsals, I knew it was serious. Trials: My trials were dealing with annoying people and memorizing the scenes. Approach: I tried to be patient with everything. Crisis: The lights wasn't working the day before the performance. Treasure: I learned to be patient with everything. Result: I wasn't as frustrated and more understanding. Return: I was more patient with the projects after the play. New life: I felt really glad that the play was successful. Resolution: I told my sister to be patient with life. New adventure: Making it through the rest of the school year.

3/21/17 Weekly Reflection

We are done with the play. It was really fun. We performed for 3 days. I met new people. We had pizza and Chinese food. On Wednesday we performed for the school. On Thursday and Friday we had night performances. There were more people on Friday than Thursday. We didn't get much credit as the actors of course.

Weekly Reflection 3/17/17

This week we are performing Fiddler on the Roof. We had a school performance on Wednesday. Last night we had a performance. There weren't that many people in the audience which is disappointing. But we are having another performance tonight. Hopefully more people will come.

3/3 Weekly Reflection

This week, we are almost done with our butt race animation. We are at 52 second and need to get to 60. Evelyn still need to edit out some of the shots. That means we will get less seconds. As part of stage crew, we are staying after school to do tech rehearsals for the play. We are doing Fiddler on the Roof. Yesterday we got walkie talkies and was very exciting. We will also have tech rehearsals tomorrow and we get free pizza!