Project Reflection #3 Radio Talk Show

Call to adventure: I was called to adventure when Mr.Aringo assigned the talk show.
Assistance: Evelyn, Caitlin, Taylor, and Mr. Aringo helped me with the talk show.
Departure: We departed was when we started the Talk Show.
Trials: Our trials were finding the right Donald Trump clips and editing.
Approach: If we couldn't find the right clips, then we would use something similar.
Crisis: Our crisis was when Caitlin accidentally deleted the audio
Treasure: Evelyn had the talk show backed up
Return: We grew by learning we could edit clips.
New life: We were happy we finished the talk show
Resolution: Mr.Aringo shared our talk show to the class. I would change some of the lines in the script.
Your new adventure: I wouldn't change anything.


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