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2/24 Weekly Reflection

This week my group are doing butt races. It is a stop motion animation so it will take forever to film. Evelyn is not here today and she has the video so we don't know how to film. We can't edit either.

Project Reflection #3 Radio Talk Show

Call to adventure: I was called to adventure when Mr.Aringo assigned the talk show.
Assistance: Evelyn, Caitlin, Taylor, and Mr. Aringo helped me with the talk show.
Departure: We departed was when we started the Talk Show.
Trials: Our trials were finding the right Donald Trump clips and editing.
Approach: If we couldn't find the right clips, then we would use something similar.
Crisis: Our crisis was when Caitlin accidentally deleted the audio
Treasure: Evelyn had the talk show backed up
Return: We grew by learning we could edit clips.
New life: We were happy we finished the talk show
Resolution: Mr.Aringo shared our talk show to the class. I would change some of the lines in the script.
Your new adventure: I wouldn't change anything.

Weekly Reflection 2/18/17

This week, my group finished our podcast. We put together clips of Donald trump's speeches to make him sound really stupid. It was really funny. We recorded and Evelyn put together the clips.

Weekly Reflection 2/3/17

This week we need to finish editing the sound for our podcast. Evelyn was gone for 3 days and we need her to make the edits. We still need to record.

Weekly Reflection 2/1/17

This week, we went to the auditorium after school and set up mics and speakers. Only 6 people came. It took us 2-3 hours. The curtains were really dusty and gross. Taylor and I went up to the lighting area and looked around. It was really cool up there. We finished at around 5:00.