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Weekly Reflection 10/31

I'm almost done with my Heroic Journey HyperStudio stack. I need to finish the buttons and submitted to teamaringo. I should be done by tomorrow.

Weekly Reflection 10/24

Last week, I was doing my HyperStudio Heroic Journey Stack. I still have a lot of work to do and it's due this Thursday. So far I think I did 6 slides and I need 14 slides total. I also have to put my voice in and present it. I hope I can finish on time.

Weekly Reflection 10/17

Last week we had no access to computers so Mr.Aringo talked for the entire period. He talked about presentation skills. It was really boring and he showed us some videos of presentation. He showed a video of himself presenting something and it was really cringy. I don't want to see nothing like that in my life again.

Weekly Reflection 10/3/16

This week I'm still working on my HyperStudio and I need to finish 2 more slides and add my voice. My slideshow is about a friend's daily life. After HyperStudio I have to do my Heroic Journey storyboard.