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Weekly Reflection 9/26/16

This week I'm doing HyperStudio and I have to do a practice stack. It's really annoying because I have to keep saving it. I don't like the program.

Weekly Reflection 9/19/16

I added my voice on my I Am Poem on adobe spark and I hated it. My voice sounded weird on the computer. When I recorded my voice got cut off or there was too much background noise. It didn't take long and I finally turned it in.

I Am Poem

I am weird and short I wonder if I can get a 4.0 this semester I hear people talking I see food I want to get good grades I am weird and short
SECOND STANZA I pretend to sleep I feel miserable I touch air I worry that my life will be a disaster I cry about death I am weird
THIRD STANZA I understand that my parents are happy separated I say hi I dream about having a perfect life I try to do my best I hope I can succeed
I am weird and short

Weekly Reflection 9/14/16

This week, I'm finishing my I am Poem video on Adobe Spark. The default music options are terrible. I still need to put my voice in which I don't want to do.


This week I learned that you can't use copyrighted images on adobe spark. I learned that from Mr. Aringo. I wouldn't change anything and keep everything and keep everything the same. I feel normal from what I learned. My goal for next week is catch up with my work.

Dear Reader

Dear Reader,

Hi my name is Genevieve. I'm a student at Hoover Middle School and I am in the STEAM Theater class.I like to watch Youtube. I do gymnastics on Saturdays and swimming on Thursdays. I joined Steam Theater because it seems fun. I like to watch videos on Youtube.
     Steam theater is about making props and stage settings. We learn the theater production and we will be part of making a musical this year. The musical will be performed by the students in musical theater elective.
    Thanks for reading this. I hope you read the rest of my blogs . Bye